Version: Minecraft 1.15.2

Creature Combat

Creature Combat v2.1


Game Modes

- Added Drowned Mode

--- Drowned will spawn in the arena, which is flooded

--- Instead of fighting on two axis, you can fight in three

--- "Smart" Drowned will have a Heart of the Sea on their head, approaching them will give you Poison

- Added Hard Skeleton Mode

--- The same as Skeleton Mode, but with more skeletons and wither skeletons

- Added Hard Drowned Mode

--- The same as Drowned Mode, but with more drowned and "Smart" Drowned wield Tridents

- Added a new deathtrap in Hard Mode, Slowness

--- This will make you unable to move for 2 seconds


- Added the Mode Selector

--- This allows you to switch between Creeper Mode, Skeleton Mode and Drowned Mode

--- Switching to a new mode changes the spawn area and the arena

--- Kits, shop items and other Game Modes are not changed

- Added a new objective: Kill 50 Drowned

- Added a reset button for development

- Added new advancements


- Added the Potion of Mystery

--- Obtained by placing four creeper heads onto the display

--- You can get four outcomes by drinking it, these are random

- Added a Fishing Rod to the shop

--- It allows you to obtain Drowned heads




- Changed the archer kit to have Tipped Arrows

- Pro Fighter now has a Trident

- The Looting kit now has Depth Strider

- Overpowered now has Depth Strider

- Life now has a Trident

- Witch + now has Milk Buckets

- Glass Bottles are now cleared after the game


- Portals are now faster

- The advancements packs are merged


- The deathrooms have been merged. The new deathroom has:

--- Parkour

--- Particle Tester

--- A Horse

------ The armor color can be changed

--- Arrow Runner

--- A portals that leads to the top of the arena


- The Discord Server is now mentioned in the exclamation point button

- The mapname has been changed from Mob Battle Arena to Creature Combat

- Artefacts are now called Artifacts again


- Removed the Craft 10 Items objective

- Removed the Trident from the shop

- Removed Slow-Falling Potions from the creeper reward

- Removed the original Skeleton Mode arena

- Removed the Skeleton Mode deathroom

- Removed the Bow Shooter minigame from the deathroom

- Removed the roller-coaster from the deathroom

- Removed Story Mode

--- The next update will re-add it, the story will be different


- Advancements required 64 artifacts to be in the inventory, while the description said 16

- Performance Upgrade (removed 2394 command blocks between versions 1.6 and 2.1)

- Crafting Mode could be unlocked, even though Story Mode wasn't selected

- The Hard Mode key was given to the player, even though Story Mode wasn't selected

- There was a button behind one of the kits

- You could die inside the Deathroom whilst doing the parkour course

- Creeper Heads could be placed on the side of the display

- Minecarts weren't invulnerable in the deathroom (which was fixed by entirely removing the roller-coaster)

- "The game ends in 5 seconds" and "[Next Wave]" were duplicated in multiplayer

- Kits could be merged by throwing the items on the floor

- This bug is from a changelog. The last time the world was played isn't in 2086, but on november 20th, 2286.


- There would be the ability to help other players when one of them died

- The Deathroom shooter game was supposed to be changed, but was scrapped because it was removed

- The Safe Slot had to be an ender chest so that it could be linked to the Creeper and Skeleton Mode arena, but since the Skeleton Mode arena was removed, it had no purpose

- A bug which occurs when more players joined after starting the map needed to be fixed, but it didn't really have a solution without getting more bugs

Creature Combat is a Minecraft map where you need to fight against creepers, skeletons and drowned with kits. There's a shop, Different game modes and there are objectives and advancements to accomplish.


There is no storyline until the next update, because of performance issues and a lack of a good story.

In the map


Since v1.3, there are only 2 shops. These can be found in the spawn or by going through a portal. You can buy these things in the spawn:

  1. Fishing Rod, costs 5 levels
  2. Totem of Undying, costs 50 levels
  3. Potion of Undying, costs 50 levels
  4. Potion of Killing, costs 60 levels
  5. Potion of Nova, costs 40 levels
  6. Potion of Invincibility, costs 100 levels
  7. Glowing Compass, costs 20 levels
  8. Enchanted Golden Apple, costs 50 levels
  9. Ender Pearl, costs 40 levels
  10. Knockback Stick, costs 10 levels
  11. Speed Feather, costs 15 levels
  12. Kill All Creepers, costs 100 levels

There's also an enchanted shop where you can buy enchantments for your gear.


There are 20 kits to choose from:

  1. Death (Locked, costs 50 levels(Death Helmet))
  2. Life (Locked, costs 50 levels(Life Helmet))
  3. Looting (sword with Looting VI)
  4. Archer (Standard bow kit)
  5. Tank (Standard diamond armor kit)
  6. Overpowered (Locked, costs 60 levels(Speed effect))
  7. Armor of Undying (Locked, costs 30 levels(Totem of Undying))
  8. Witch (Potions with two effects)
  9. Witch + (Locked, costs 25 levels(Witch helmet that gives you effects when put on)
  10. Creator (Locked, costs 40 levels(Command block with sharpness 20))
  11. Health (Regeneration until you die)
  12. SuperNova (Locked, costs 40 levels(Harming II arrows))
  13. Challenge Mode (Full Leather armor and a stone sword)
  14. Challenge Mode + (Locked, costs 10 levels(Harder version of Challenge Mode))
  15. Creeper (Armor with Blast Protection)
  16. Creeper +(Locked, costs 20 levels(TNT))
  17. Assassin (Potions of Swiftness)
  18. Assassin + (Locked, costs 50 levels(Player Head that gives you potion effects))
  19. Pro Archer (Kit for people who handle bows very well)
  20. Pro Fighter (Kit for people who handle tridens very well)
  21. Cake (, Locked, costs 2 pies(Standard kit with sweet berries as a weapon))
  22. HunterOmega (, Locked, costs 3 pies(Bow with 4 differend kinds of Tipped Arrows))
  23. FleurDraws (, Locked, costs 4 pies(Sheep Spawn Egg that freezes mobs for 7 seconds))
  24. 4Wonders (, Locked, costs 5 pies(Sapling that regens everyone in a 5 block radius))
  25. Tijd4Jan (, Locked, costs 6 pies(Revive Egg that teleports every player towards it, even though they died))


  1. Easy Mode
    Fight against creepers, skeletons or drowned in the arena and gain artefacts which you can convert to levels
  2. Hard Mode
    Easy Mode, but with more "special mobs", more abilities and other surprises
  3. Campfire Quest
    Choose yourself when a new wave starts by using the chat. All creepers will spawn around a campfire
  4. Crafting Mode
    Look in chests for ingredients for the Item Crafter. Some chests will spawn creepers
  5. Dummy Arena
    Choose yourself when and how many creepers spawn. Creepers will not explode
  6. Cake Mode
    Eat all cakes before time runs out. One of the corners can be used to get hungry


  1. Mode Selector
    Choose yourself which mobs you're going to fight. After pressing the button, the arena changes blocks, so you can see which creature you're about to fight
  2. Objectives
    Get rewards by doing stuff ingame, like killing 50 creepers, skeletons or drowned, dying 15 times etc.
  3. Loot
    Get special loot from mobs that die, like diamonds, emeralds or nether stars
  4. Advancements
    Achieve advancements by playing Creature Combat, like playing Campfire Quest for the first time, killing 250 creepers and obtaining 16 diamonds
  5. Options
    Change the maps options, like day or night, FriendlyFire and portals
  6. Information
    Get information by pressing buttons with a question mark above it


The Creator Kit has a shield with a banner that is being used by the map creator(SuperJanNL/Tijd4Jan).
Mob Battle is the only Tijd4Jan map that gets updates
The original map is called "Mob Battle Arena", but was changed to Creature Combat because the name wasn't unique
Skeleton Mode was a secret before v1.3
There is a secret kit
Creature Combats 3 year anniversary was on February 17th 2020
You can still play Kit-Finder Mode, but it isn't possible without cheating


Download the map