Survival Upgrades

Minecraft versions:
- 1.17.1
Resource Pack: Yes

Survival Upgrades

Survival Upgrades is a datapack where you can get upgrades by fighting mobs, looting chests and trading with villagers. These upgrades can make you move faster, give you more health or let you get more experience.

The upgrades

Survival Upgrades has a few upgrades, these are listed below. It also says how many levels these upgrades have:

How to get

HP Upgrades

You can get +1 HP and -1 HP by:

Luck Upgrades

You can get +1 Luck and -1 Luck by:

Swiftness Upgrades

You can get +1 Swiftness and +1 Slowness by:

Attack & XP Upgrades

You can get +1 Attack and +1 XP Boost by:


Version Event
1.17.1 Created Survival Upgrades
1.18.2 You can now get Luck and Health upgrades by running around



Here is the English video on Survival Upgrades